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Static Seal

Segment Ball valves are the most sanitary valves on the market. Due to their design, no cavities or hidden areas arise while the valve is opened
or closed where product can collect.

A Segment Ball Valve can be used both as an inlet and an outlet valve, and can be used to shut off a stream of flowing product. The most
commonly used applications in which the Segment Ball Valves are applied are: conical blenders, mixers and dryers, reactors, double conical
dryers, horizontal blenders and dryers, agitator vessels, sluices and in piping.
Segment ball valves can also be a part of a new installation or can replace out-dated valves in the overhaul - revamp market.

General Technical data

Bore:                        Full Bore: DN50/2" up to DN500/20", alternative dimensions on request
Pressure:               Full Vacuum up to 16 Bar pressure
Temperature:        -20 / + 270° C depending on seal material choice
Materials:               - Product wetted parts: Stainless steel 1.4404/316L. Alternative grades on request.
                                 - Static seal for example reinforced PTFE.
Surface finish:     Product contacting parts Ra<0,8µm, Non-product contacting parts Ra<1.6µm

A detailed technical data sheet is available here:  PDF Download